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How simple is this word, I ask you?  Unity.  Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary defines unity as, “the quality or state of not being multiple : oneness…”   Oneness.  What a great word. 

Many have described universal unity as recognizing that there is no space between one individual and another.  The air is comprised of atoms, as we are.  Space is comprised of atoms, as we are.  Our sameness, our connection, our unity is that clear, if invisible to the human eye, interconnectedness. 

Why must we forget this simple concept?  Why must we see our brothers and sisters as colors and sizes and cultures and differences?  We do so because we choose to do so.  When we choose otherwise, then we will see beyond the differences and recognize the oneness we all share. 

In many traditions around the world, we are told that we were created in the image of the Creator.  I doubt any universal entity of that magnitude is a short, fat multicultural fellow (see the photo of the author above).   If he is, then the rest of you are not in his image, so necessarily, that concept would be wrong.  It is in our spirit, our energy, our chi, our souls that we are the same as everything else around us.

We are making an important shift.  We are beginning to get a true glimpse at a global level of our sameness.  We are beginning the fight to win our unity, instead of our sovereignty. 

I love you.  It doesn’t really matter who is reading this.  I love you nonetheless.  Wherever you are.  Whatever your belief system.  Even if you hate me, I love you nonetheless.  I see you, if not in body, but in spirit.  I recognize your universal perfection, even through your human frailties.  I hope you offer me the same gift; however, even if you don’t, I value you in your completeness because you and I are expressions of universal unity. 

What happens to you when you read my words that I mean so purely?  Are you changed?  Is there a flicker of new awareness?  Do you recognize the truth in these words?  I suspect you do and you understand them.  I’m glad.  I’m glad because you see yourself in a new way today and you know that at an elevated level you are perceived as the spirit you truly are.

Welcome, brothers and sisters, into the new awareness.  Sit with me a moment and enjoy the unity.  I know I will.

I asked this question and these are some of the generous and thoughtful answers I received:

“I’ve been thinking about unity and what it means. I’d love to hear your thoughts, my friends.” – James

“It means being able to count on someone, and knowing that always, that connection will not change.”  – Roxanne

“Unity is something this world needs more of. The world needs to stop being greedy and selfish and become more unified because with unity we are stronger.” – Jewel

“I always think of it as a harmony. Each part could stand alone, but when they comes together all at one time and for one purpose, a beautiful unified sound is created. There is a common goal of creating the beautiful sound, but each individual is assigned a different part in the process. One part is not more important than the other, and all are always working together.”  – Mary Jo

“The collection of two to an unlimited amount of minds in the persuit of a common goal, thought or belief. To amplify the impact of the goal, thought or belief by showing a common likeness amongst indiffrent people.” – Robert

Thank you for sharing this moment of unity with me.

Namasté, shalom, ειρήνη, peace, amani, pace, salam, ειρήνη, sulh, мир, Frieden, 佚, paz to you my brothers and sisters.


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The World Economy and Me

The world economy and me.  Isn’t this how we all perceive what is going on with the world economy?  Everything from Chinese exports to the value to the Euro to the ludicrous increase in the cigarette tax in California.  If you are anything like me, you are asking, “Why is this happening to me?”

The challenge is, of course, that as deeply affected as we all are at an individual level, it would be impossible for those in Washington or at the G20 conference to know each of us by name and consider our individual lives. 

Yet, here were are, in the midst of an economic situation similar to that of the one our parents and grandparents talked about during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. 

What did they do?  Because of their work ethic and sense of personal responsibility, although frustrated and sometimes feeling fairly hopeless, they dug in .  The kept looking for work, the continued to make sure their families had something to eat, and they supported those in their communities who couldn’t take care of themselves. 

Is that what we are doing today?  Is that how we are approaching things?  No.  The truth is, we are thinking, “How can we keep our 2,500 square foot home with all the luxuries to which we have become accustomed?   How am I able to buy my children the latest fashions when I can’t afford gas for the car?  Why can’t I keep swimming in my heated swimming pool all winter?” 

We must accept the accurate assessment of where we are and take action to improve our situation as best we can while still remembering that we are part of a community.

Are we built for that?  I’m not really sure any more.  I would love to believe we are, but the evidence is dwindling in some ways. 

I see the television where wonderful people are collecting clothes, toys and non-perishable food items for those who cannot afford them.  They give me hope.  Even something as simple as buying someone a meal, encouraging them get out of the house once a month for some entertainment helps. 

We are hopefully compelled to remember others in this very difficult time and not look solely at our own situation.  I suspect that through community and compassion, we will get through this time together.

And, for those who say that I am being a bleeding heart liberal, I say, you may be one who is receiving a bonus from a company who just got a huge bailout, or have always paid your own tab and not someone else’s bill.  To you, I say, your perception about our situation counts, too.  You, too, are a member of this society and we all need your participation, as well. 

This is not a condemnation of anyone; just a simple reminder from a simple man who is living in the world as it is, hoping to see us be the people I know we can be.