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Guilty Pleasures

man cryingWhat is so wrong with a fifty-year-old man enjoying the movies, Wizard of Oz, Legally Blonde, Annie, or Like Water for Chocolate?  Admittedly, these pictures are not standard fare for adult males of my age; however, are we so sure?

Of course, I like football, basketball, the History Channel, and ESPN, like any other guy, but there is more to me than those few facets.

We have to ask ourselves, “Is Biff secretly locking himself away, weeping over Elle Woods almost leaving Harvard?  Is Dirk’s heart racing as Dorothy is trying to escape the Wicked Witch’s castle with her cohorts?  Is Pete screaming at the t.v., ‘Leave her alone!’ as Annie dangles from the elevated draw bridge, threatened so menacingly by Rooster?” 

I don’t know the answer, but, today I stand up as a culturally challenged man who declares out loud, “I love chick flicks, heel reels, or whatever else you want to call them!” 

Who stands with me, men of America?  (This is where the roar of applause by hundreds of thousands of manly men makes a dramatic crescendo in my head.)

God, I feel so free!