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Rindy’s CD Release Event

Although this may not be the most opportune time, I must mark this moment with a personal observation at the culmination of two years worth of work as it approaches.  This coming Saturday, August 20, 2011, at 7:00 PM, at the stage in Fairytale Town, the curtain will rise, if only metaphorically, on the release of a CD that was created with love, hard work, and many tears.  Rindy Sumners was a beautiful, talented young woman; a talented singer-songwriter so full of music that in a five year period, she composed more than 150 full and partial pieces of music.  On Saturday, 36 tracks of her music will be available for sale to the public in the self-titled CD, “Rindy.”

It is unfathomable that she has been gone for nearly two years following the car accident that claimed her life.  I admit, preparing for this day has helped to distract me from my grief in a small way.  My husband, David, and I have been essentially glued to the hip of her parents, Rick and Sandy Sumners, to make sure this event is everything they want it to be.  Their focus solely has been on what Rindy would have wanted.  Being who she was, she was very clear about that.

The music in the CD is glorious.  Her soaring voice, her intricate harmonies, her dynamics lyrics, and her moving melodies are compelling, even beyond my imagination.  I watched her grow up from a bubbly eighth grader with blue hair to a world-conscious young woman, commenting through her music on every facet of her life.  One thing that people who knew her can attest is that Rindy never lied.  She didn’t know how. Her music is a testament to that fact.  The truth she tells in her storylines is intense and direct.  I love that about her.

Life will never be the same without Rindy’s vibrant presence on this planet, but my one comfort is that I will now be able to slip her CD in my car stereo or computer and hear her voice, her laughter, and her spirit.  This event is a powerful moment for everyone.  For me, as her teacher for five years, her mentor-teacher for one year, her friend, and someone as whom she dressed up on switch day at school, this is an intimate, difficult, wonderful day that approaches.  Words allude me as I try to explain the dichotomy of the heights of joy I feel that her dream is coming true as I experience the deep sadness that still exists at her physical absence.

I love Rindy.  As it is for everyone who worked so hard on these events, every little bit of effort I’ve expended on her memorial service, RindyFest 2009!, and this CD project, has been offered with that truth cemented in my heart and spirit.  After months as production assistant, press officer, support person, and friend, it becomes necessary to be just James for only a moment, to have the human experience of working on a project that, once upon a time, seemed as though would be very different, indeed; but, that’s not what is and today, I must rise to the occasion, and what an thrilling occasion it is!  I hope we will see a huge number of people attend to celebrate the release of Rindy’s music into the world!  I know with all my heart that everyone who hears this music will be enthralled.  I know it!