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A Proud Pack

He settles into his stride,

Crossing at the crosswalk as all good citizens do.

His half-cocked smile, his knowing, grey eyes,

Catch me in mid-glimpse as I stop my car.

He is, after all, crossing legally.

This man, with haughty dignity

And days of dirt on his face, beard, and clothes,

Advises me silently that someone important

Is crossing my path.

I understand fully.  I must stop my car.

His jackets look impacted with his life,

Filled, I’m certain, with more clothes, booze,

And tiny bits of memorabilia about which,

If someone else ever found them,

Would have no meaning.

One item screams for my attention:

A brand new pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

It’s a pack of golds.

This gentleman, and I use the word specifically,

Holds them proudly, tightly along with his 49-cent, red lighter.

Could this brand new pack of cigarettes

Be the reason for his cock-surety?

Could his new-found abundance be the reason

I’ve clearly been put in my place?

I did, after all, stop the car when he tacitly demanded I do so.

I suspect that it is not just the cigarettes.

I suspect it is much more.

In his mind – in his world – he is king.

He needn’t receive others’ adulation or affirmation.

He knows who he is.

This proud pack of cigarettes is simply the scepter

Of a royal with sequoia posture and

Fern-like outgrowth on his face.

“Stop the car.  Let me pass,” he glances.

“Gladly, my liege.” I obey.

Fear Not the Road Ahead

Fear Not the Road Ahead

“Fear not the road ahead. Standing still in life is the only real danger.” ~ James C. Glica-Hernandez January 1, 2013

Neurocracy in America

I finally figured it out!  It’s taken me a long, long time to define what the issue is in United States politics, but I’ve done it!  I have the answer!  We are not moving from a democratic republic to an autocracy or theocracy, or toward socialism or any other known form of government.  The form of government we see looming on the horizon is much worse.  We are moving toward a Neurocracy!

An increasing number of our leaders have lost touch with their constituents, authentic, reasonable American values, and the purpose of government so deeply that their neuroses are taking over.  Narcissism, bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder, compulsion, obsession, and myriad other diagnoses are running rampant everywhere throughout our local government to our national leaders of all parties.

Add to this fertilizer of ideology the mass hysteria created by abusive and judgmental language and philosophies, the willingness of the media to feed these delusions, and we have the beginning of our American Neurocracy.

So for those who would like the definition of this new term, here it is:

Neu-ro-cra-cy /njʊə-rəʊ-krə-si/ (noun)  Greek  neuro-: sinew, string, nerve;  -cracy:   strength, power.  A government run by many individuals who suffer from myriad neuroses (mental or emotional illnesses), and who attempt to make laws to satisfy the needs brought on by these conditions.   ~  The James C. Glica-Hernandez Dictionary

Hopefully, this will help clarify the issue in politics and government so that we can set ourselves toward treating our national woes by replacing those suffering from these conditions, and repairing our overarching ideology before this national diagnosis becomes more of a reality.

You’re welcome.