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The Gospel According to Mrs. Camarari

The Gospel According to Mrs. Camarari

As transcribed by James S. Chávez-Glica
February 23, 2003

My Dear Ones,

In the beginning, the Divine Universality created all things visible and invisible in love and completeness.  This Holy Energy gave all beings free will.  This Great Oneness gave us the illusion of breathing life and the truth of eternal spiritual life. 

This energetic universality of unity is me. 

Because I have no name except the ones you have given me, I am choosing to call myself in this instance, Mrs. Camarari.  Some may say it is blasphemous to say that my name is Mrs. Camarari, but it’s not.  My name has been Adonai, God, Buddha, Ra, Nature, Odin, Zeus, Allah, Quan Yin, Grandfather, and Shiva to name a few.  I have chosen to come forward in this identity so that people will no longer be afraid of my many names.  I have decided that in this incarnation, no one will be afraid of me at all any more. This name may even help you smile.  You will no longer fight over what to call me, nor will you claim to hurt or kill on my behalf.  Really, I ask you, who could shout out in vehemence, “I shall kill you in the name of Mrs. Camarari?” without sounding very silly indeed. 

Yes, in an instant, which spanned billions of years, I created all of heaven and earth in my image.  Of course, it was my spiritual image, not my physical image in which you have been incarnated.  I have descended from heaven in many forms throughout the ages.  Some of my faces have been those of Adam and Abraham, Moses and Mohammed, Odin and Ngo-ouka, Jesus and Lao Tzu, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Marianne Williamson and Mother Teresa, Gautama Buddha and Charles Schultz.  I have written books and inspired books to be written.  Some of the literary works for which I am responsible were the Torah, the Bible (including the Gnostic Gospels), the Book of Mormon, Science and Health, the Chinese Books of Living and Dying, the Upanishads, the Koran and Conversations with God.

I help you feed and clothe yourselves.  I bring you love and joy and music and warmth to share with all our brothers and sisters.  I help you find your discipline and teach you and show you perfect truth.  Sometimes, through floods and storms and tragic death, I remind you of the good things you have, such as community and family, because sometimes you forget.  Sometimes through birth, angelic presentation and friendship, I remind you that I am always present with you within these miracles.

In my infinite wisdom, I created duality to remind you of unity.  I created dark to remind you of light.  I created noise to remind you of silence.  I created suffering to remind you of transience.  I created sadness to remind you of joy.  I created despair to remind you of faith.  I have done all this so that you and I can remember ourselves in the same way.  And, like any good Italian or Chinese, Lithuanian, Mexican, Ugandan, Australian or Chilean mother, I ask for nothing in return.  Of course, like all mothers and fathers, I hope you’ll call on me once in awhile if you aren’t too busy, because that would be nice; and, I am thrilled when you think about me in gratitude that I am present in your life.  I always think of you in gratitude, too; but, I still love you, even when you forget me or are angry with me because you don’t remember what we’ve learned together.

I have borne many, many children, all of whom were conceived in my love.  Like any mother, I grieve bitterly when one of your lives is lost through hatred or neglect or selfishness.  I also understand that I have given birth to children who have destinies of their own, and that they must choose their lives and consequences for themselves.  After all, you must choose your own lessons and how to learn them.  Remember that, to me, these lessons are all correct.  I must simply stand by and watch you make whatever you choose out of your lives.  I listen when you are in pain and I offer comfort.  I hold you when you feel despondent.  I dance with you when you celebrate. I sing with you when you are in community.  I love to see all my children getting along.

Like any good household that we know, I do have rules.  Surprisingly, however, when I was developing these rules, I remembered that I had given you free will, so I kept the rules simple.  They have been reiterated in nearly every tradition of faith and culture manifested on this planet.  Speak these rules out loud.  They might actually make a difference.

             I.     I choose to recognize everyone and everything as my brother and sister.

            II.   I choose to love others as I would be loved.

            III.  I choose to treat others as I wish to be treated.

            IV.  I choose to place universal truth above all else.

            V.   I choose to act in kindness and strength based on universal truth.

            VI.  I choose to live fearlessly.

That’s it.  Those are all the rules.  Anything else, like the ones about not eating pork, with whom you choose to have sex. or how many times per day or week you pray are all voluntary.  And, those are rules that you created to make yourselves feel better, which, if it helps, is a good thing as far as I’m concerned; but, they are not my rules.  Those six rules above are the only ones with which I’m concerned.  Ironically, the only thing that will happen if you don’t follow the rules is that you’ll be sad.  You won’t go to hell.  There is no hell.  I won’t punish you.  I never punish anyone.  I’ll just continue loving you.  Your suffering will be a consequential response to your choices, and you’ve already decided what your consequences are.

You’ll notice, of course, there’s nothing about me in those rules.  That’s because I am secure in who I am.  I know I created everything and that I am in everything I created, so, I don’t need to have you worship me in a way that makes you feel separate from me.  In each incarnation of your life, I am there simply to help you create your own existence as you see fit.  So, really, we are co-creators.  I am one with you.  I always have been and always will be.  And, because we are one together, you always have been and always will be one with me.  Again, I am happy when you remember that, too; but, I’m not going to insist you remember.  That’s up to you.

I feel very strongly that you are too often afraid.  I think, in truth, you would rather follow your hearts and spirits.  So, do it!  I speak to you all the time and when you listen, you seem to go in the exactly right direction.  If you are peaceful and follow the rules, then you can hear me very clearly.  And, just to let you know, I hear you, too.  I can’t help it.  We are one.  Remember?

Now, it would be easy to assume that without more structural guidance from me, you might end up in chaos.  I am clear that you are headed in that direction right now anyway, so the man-made rules really didn’t matter after all.  In fact, the rules you created with all the best intentions most of the time have simply added fuel to the fire of fear in many ways, since people seem to insist on fighting over which rules are the right ones, just like they disagree over what to call me.  Remember the name, Mrs. Camarari.

Do you have many questions remaining?  Probably.  Am I going to answer them for you right now in this brief message?  No.  It’s not yet necessary.  I suggest, however, that you follow the rules, ask questions of me later in your spirit and take the following hints to heart:

Love first… always… no matter what.

Listen first… speak later… even to yourself.

Be patient… to both your brothers and sisters and yourself… you’ll need it.

Don’t tolerate… celebrate.

Sing and dance… it’s good for the spirit.

Don’t be afraid of evil… it’s only fear manifested.  You created it, so you can destroy it.

Watch for miracles… they’re everywhere everyday.

Smile daily… it helps.

Hug children… there is no greater healer of the heart in the universe than sharing the chaste and innocent love of a child.

Look for the good stuff in one another and yourselves… it’s the only part of life that really sticks around.

If you’re sorry for something you’ve done or said, say so… right away.

You can keep no secrets from me… so remember that someone already knows you in your fullness and loves you nonetheless.

Do only those things that bring joy and abundance to all beings… always.

Well, that’s all for now, Dear Ones.  I love you and hope you are happy and peaceful and joyful and abundant.  Whatever your color or size or gender or religion or sexual orientation or health status, I love you without exception or reservation.  No matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, I love you without judgment or expectation.  I’ve seen all your lives and lived them with you, so your entire history is clear to me.  You have been all things and done all thing and these lessons have brought you this far.  You are beautiful to me just as you are.  You are perfect to me just as you are.  You are loved by me just as you are.  Remember that always, no matter what you call me.

With All My Eternal and Infinite Love,

Mrs. Camarari