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Starving People Like Glenn Beck

I was reading an article written by Jim Wallis in the Huffington Post, who was discussing comments made by Glenn Beck about social justice.

Communities standing together

In every tradition and village, there is a supportive pattern of community in which our neighbors will come to our aid when times get tough for us.  We’ve all see it a hundred times.  Apparently, Glenn Beck believes we should be sure to limit our care for others in fear that we will slip into a Socialist / Communist / Marxist slide where there will be a mass redistribution of wealth.  He says, as well, that everyone is misinterpreting the Bible to support this horrific slippery slope.

Mr. Beck’s comments made me think of a mongrel dog I once saw.  This dog had been running the streets of my hometown for, seemingly, a long time, and because he was mean, no one wanted to be near him.  Soon, he became horribly thin and clearly was about to die.

One brave soul bought some dog food and put it outside his fence for this mangy animal.  As the dog was eating, if the kind man stepped anywhere near the food, the dog would growl and bare his teeth, threatening the kind man.   The dog did not want to lose one morsel of his food.  I’m certain he would have mauled anyone who attempted to take it away from him.

Under Mr. Beck’s fine suits and tanned appearance, is a snarling dog who is starving, fighting to keep his food.  This tragic character has donned the costume of a wealthy man who is simply concerned for those wealthy people around him who, by all rights, should maintain what they have certainly earned.  Sadly, I would doubt that it is anyone other than Mr. Beck himself whom he is trying to protect.

Angry, emotionally ugly little men like Mr. Beck will suffer with his spiritual poverty for his whole life.  He will bite the hands that feed him and protect what he feels is his.  It’s really very sad. 

There are those in the media and at their kitchen tables who look on Mr. Beck with utter disdain.  I suggest we should look on him with compassion for experiencing what must be going on inside of him, including poverty, loneliness, ignorance, and a deep-rooted fear of everything and everyone around him. 

Glenn Beck

His piteous disability is probably not even his fault.  All he knows is to protect that injured child inside. 

So, I for one, will remember Mr. Beck in my prayers and hope for his healing and growth into a healthy, adult human being.  There is nothing any of us can do to stop him from speaking and writing so ignorantly.  Those rights are guaranteed in our Constitution. 

There is nothing we can do to prevent him from reinjuring himself by pouring his vitriol all over his own spirit time and time again, for certainly his spew cannot affect anyone other than himself.  We can only love him compassionately and hope that through our sense of social justice, he will finally find joy and peace.

God bless you, Mr. Beck.  Like all of us, you need it.


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