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Oh, Yeah! I Have a Voice

What a novel concept. I just wrote to my congresswoman, Doris Matsui, to ask her to lead a movement to remove Senator John Boehner from his current role as House Speaker, and to select someone new who is more centrist and will represent more Americans than just the Tea Partiers. I just remembered that I could do that. I don’t know if it will do any good, or even if it happened, if it would make any difference, but at least now my voice was heard.

Oh, I’m an American. Yeah, that’s right.

I wonder how many of us realize how much power we really have in this country by just sending an e-mail.  No matter what our opinion, if we e-mail our representatives in both houses of congress and our president, they will get the message, whatever it might be. It’s so easy to do, too.  According to  the United States Census Bureau, we have 311 million people in the country, and  three-quarters of this population are of voting age or 235 million of us.   Imagine if only half of these people, 117 million, wrote to Congress with only a simple e-mail?  How would they possibly not respond to the majority’s requests?

FYI, to find your representiave, type in your search field, “House of Representatives/Senate” and your Zip code.  Ta da!  There is the information.  To e-mail the president, simply type in WhiteHouse.gov.

I suppose I’m not really advocating any particular position in this brief missive other than I believe we should all make our voices heard, no matter what our positions.  If we feel strongly about something, don’t spend so much time pissing and moaning about it to your friends.  Sit down for 20 minutes (perhaps that extra Facebook or Google+ time), write a thoughtful, productive letter to your representative, senator, and president, and let them know what you think.  Your voice counts.  A lot of voices count a lot!

(Originally posted as a note on Facebook, July 27, 2011)

Definitions in America

If I had a deficit in my bank account of $500.00 on the first of the month, and my rent and bills came due totaling $2,000 with no other current options for income, and this is the way it was every month, wouldn’t I be poor?  Of course I would be.  If I kept borrowing money from family member after family member and never paid them back, what would you say about me then?  I think we all know.  If I kept telling everyone, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back when everything gets better,” but things never got better, people simply wouldn’t believe me any more.  Let’s add to this the fact that I have a spouse and small children.  They have little food, no phone, no health insurance, no car, let alone car insurance, but I continue to pay $800 every month for an alarm system to protect the little we have left. What would you say about my priorities?  I’m sure I would appear to be living in a dream world of idealism and hope with few options for reasonable resolutions to my issues.  The only problem is that I don’t see it that way.   What can I do then?

Tell the truth.  That’s the only option for improvement.  I have to sit down with those I love and tell them the truth of the situation.  I have to say, “I am in poverty right now and I don’t know what to do.   I can’t take care of my family.  I think I am completely out of options.”  Only then can I figure out what to do.  There are always other possibilities for resolution, but they will never appear until we tell the truth. 

This is what is happening in America today.  We have a deficit that is inordinately larger than our income can handle.  Our citizens are in pain and dying because of our inability to care for them.  Our country is printing empty money to offset out debts.  Legislators are using our national poverty as a hostage to satisfy their personal agendas.  The worst part is every single one of them is pointing at someone else as a cause for the problem instead of asking him- or herself, “What can I constructively do to fix this, and with whom?” 

Have you ever seen ferral dogs fighting over a small morsel of food?  That’s what I see when I watch the legislature act these days.  It’s embarrassing to me as a voting American citizen to watch a gaggle of ineffective people strut and caw like a bunch of vultures making tens of thousands of dollars a year talk about what we, without food, electricity, and health care, need.  I write to my congresspeople.  I write to the president.  I write my blogs.  It just gets worse.  Instead, they hold poor and middle class people hostage for the benefit of the wealthy, claiming income and estate taxes should be handled equitably?   Really, ladies and gentlemen?  Since when did equity have anything to do with our governmental process or life in the United States of America?  We have never seen one day in the over two centuries of our history in which either full equality or equity existed in our history. 

So, what’s next?  Our president, with ranking members of both parties in both houses of Congress, senior cabinet members, and the chief justice of the Supreme Court must stand before our country and say the following in one voice:

“My fellow citizens of the United States, this message comes too late and after too much damage has been done to our once great country.  We have finally recognized that our greed and selfish choices have injured our citizens.  We have spent so much time focusing on our personal needs and desires in government that we have forgotten our primary focus and ultimately, our employers – you.  Americans on Main Street are the most important considerations we must have.  As with the microcosm of our families, if we take care of those we love with responsibility and accountability, act as good neighbors with those around us, and speak directly to any injustice with one voice, we will find our way out of any challenge.  If we move with transparency and wise authority, we as a national community will find our way through the muck and mire that has slogged us down in our path toward greatness. 

“Today, the bald eagle has feathers missing.  Today, Lady Liberty is slouching in shame.  Today, we are not great.  The one strength we have as a nation is that we understand what hard work means.  We understand that we can make a delicious soup out of potatoes.  We are not afraid to face our demons.  Beginning today, that’s what we have done.  We, the leaders of these United States of America have signed a binding, bipartisan pact together to move toward the national ideal of trust, communication, ethics, integrity, and strength.  We can only do this with your help…”

From there, the new process begins.  From there, the dialogue will include everyone who needs to participate.  From there, true hope begins.  From there, we rebuild our country.  From there, our great eagle soars once again.