Sometimes, Play Is All There Is To Do

I woke up on this particular November Wednesday having more work to do than I’d like.  I couldn’t begin to imagine how I was going to do everything ahead of me, so apparently, my brain shut down and I began to procrastinate.  As I was staring at my miniaturized Samsung Netbook, I saw the tiny dot that was the lens for the video camera.  I opened the program and began to play.  I wanted to see all the things it could do.  I started making convoluted, misshapen faces with the video effects.  It was entirely too much fun.

When I was done filming the snippets of silliness, I compiled them into my Windows Movie Maker, added titles and credits, and I had a movie.  As I completed my film, I realized that all I really needed to do that morning was play.  Sometimes, play is all there is to do; at least, for one’s soul.  Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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