Thanksgiving 2011

This year saw the passing of yet another of our family, my beloved mother-in-law, Eva.   The part for which I am grateful, though, is that she made her exit on her own terms.   Although we miss her mightily, we know that her strength of spirit continues to support us.  I suppose this has been the theme of this year – Choices.

In life, if we have any regrets, they are borne from choosing that which was not inspired in our hearts, but that for which we felt obligated even though it went against our internal sense of the world.  I know that is true for me.   Although I have let any regrets pass into history, I still remember that process so that when I am faced with a choice, I make it according to my best sense of things.

This year has been abundant with joy because I have remembered my truest self in the process of choosing, even when the choices were difficult.  I have loved more honestly, allowed others to love me more fully, and invited those into my life that I know are important.  Others have gone by the wayside who were not meant to remain.   That is the nature of the world, I suppose, even if it brings some sadness with it.

The events and people who have populated this year have shown how truly awesome life can be.  My husband, children, grandchildren, colleagues, and friends have all offered their special gifts of love and support.  For these gifts, I am most grateful.

My company, Sacramento Vocal Music, has grown exponentially through the efforts of my new administrative assistant, Eva Sarry, and for her presence, guidance, and consistent wisdom, I am so very thankful.

The dozens of precious students who take lessons and attend classes are like jewels to me.   Each moment I spend with them is a guaranteed smile on my face.  Watching their choices to grow throughout the year, and their performance at our last recital, have lifted my heart beyond reason.

I have been blessed to participate in no fewer than nine performances this year.  With each one, a new cadre of talented, intelligent, and truly wonderful people entered my life.  These people add their wealth of texture and color to the rich tapestry of creativity that has been woven by those with whom I have already worked over the years.  To work in a field that one truly loves is a rare and valuable environment in which to find oneself.  I happen to be fortunate enough to be one of those people.

So, to everyone throughout the year who have given so much, I offer my most heartfelt and humble gratitude.  May your holidays be one for the memory books.  May the abundance in your life grow in every way to levels you never before imagined.  For those who have lost loved ones or found yourselves with unexpected challenges during the year, may your memories help you find comfort during this difficult time.

God bless you all and thank you.  From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lovingly yours,



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