Strong Rock

Months and years go by when I feel strong and vital.  My emotions are deeply felt, but not overwhelming.  I am vibrantly passionate, but not out of control.  Then a day arrives when the intimacy of a joy or sadness overtakes me, and I feel small and vulnerable.  On this day, my mother-in-law, Eva’s first birthday in heaven, I find myself having one of those rare days when I feel a little crumbly.  I am near tears and have been all day long.  I suppose even the most durable rocks cast off dust, splinters, and shards sometimes.  Today is my day.

I miss you, Mom… a lot.


Your son-in-law, James

One response

  1. I know that pain James. Oh how I miss and love my dear, sweet mother-in-law…She was truly the family glue. It still doesn’t seem real to me. I doubt that it ever will. Just yesterday I went to her grave alone. I spent some time in prayer and meditation on the joy she was. I miss her, and it makes me feel crumbly too. Much love to you, Tonya.

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