Gotta Love Rick Sanchez

Everyone has that swaggering, loud friend who has an opinion about everything, and then, when you think about it, they’re right on the money.  Well, that’s Rick Sanchez.

Rick has the capacity to take a story or opinion and make it his own.  His passion for the news and events of the day are both entertaining and informative.  His latest take on Fox News’ advertising stating that none of the other channels covered the Tea Party March on Washington reminded me of a mother defending her child. 

Rick had some really good points during his rebuttal of that ad.  He said that CNN reports news events, they don’t promote them like Fox News does.  It’s true.  CNN is where I go for the best in depth reporting.  Things, however, have changed a lot. 

Walter Cronkite had a very different style than the news anchors do today.  Mr. Cronkite’s style of even, thoughtful delivery, with a balanced focus and non-combative approach was an open door to the acquisition of information.  His presentation made everyone feel welcome into the newsroom.  People trusted that information.

Rick Sanchez is clearly more emotional, appealing to the reality show culture of today.   As a society, we are having Jerry Springer lives, working in New York Goes to Work jobs, playing in Real Chance at Love entertainment.  We love to see people on “the box” get riled up, as we sit on our living room sofas, swilling beer, and allowing our brains to vegetate as much as possible to resolve the agitation we feel by the information overload we experience in our everyday lives.

Rick Sanchez is no Bill O’Reilly.  Thank God.  But, that same kind of emotionalism can be dynamic and, at the same time, unnerving.  

Newscasters are not our friends.  They are strangers who are invited into our homes to provide a service… a news service… and not entertainment.  Why are we so desparate to have every moment of our lives filled with yelling and frenetic energy at a critical mass?  What is wrong with our brains that we cannot allow a few moments peace to enter into our minds? 

Monk_Meditating_XSmallThe Buddhists have been using meditation for centuries as part of their spiritual path toward clarity and unity.  Most Americans today could no more meditate than fly from New York City to Brazil on just the power of their arms. 

zombie-hordeThe television has become like a lung or kidney dialysis machine for our minds.  We allow those on the flicker box to push information into our brains as we lie in our zombie-like states, sucking in the mix of information and garbage that infuses every day’s menu of programming.

When news reporters become news makers, a boundary is crossed that just doesn’t appeal to me. 

I like Rick Sanchez.  I watch him regularly.  I even enjoy the emotionalism with which he peppers his reporting.  This fashion of news is de rigueur in our time.  So be it. 

Perhaps because I’m getting older, I guess I just miss Mr. Cronkite and the stability I always felt with him.  Those days are past, it seems, and, clearly, without a hope of returning to those days of yore, that’s the way it is.

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