“Jak Szybko Mijaja Chwile”

The commemorative days that Babcia and Dziadzia died, my father would lock himself in the kid’s room, as we called our family room, turn out the lights, pick up his bottle of Cutty Sark, and weep as he sang this song to his beloved parents until he fell asleep in the rocking chair. 

I never really knew why he would do this until just before I left home at sixteen-years-old.   Over the years, I learned that the lyrics talk about how quickly time flies, especially when one misses those they love.  It is a melancholy song of longing and sadness, while cherishing the memories of those that are no longer with us.

Floyd and Teresa Glica, David and Jim

Floyd and Teresa Glica, David and Jim

Most people laugh when I tell them of my Polish cultural, if not genetic, heritage because I so clearly do not look like I’m Polish.  What most people don’t know is that I attended the Polish mass at Our Lady of Częstochowa Roman Catholic Church in North Tonawanda, New York, when I lived there. I ate pierogi, golabki, kiełbasa, and chłopski posiłek.  I know that our name, Glica,  is supposed to be pronounced, “GLEE-tza,” and not, “GLEE-ka.”  I learned to play the accordion so that my father could enjoy my rendition of the Clarinet Polka.  And, I learned the words, and their meaning, to this music when I was very young.

I miss my father, as well as my mother and brother, today, so instead of just singing the music, which I’ve done, sans liquor, I’m remembering my father in writing and on video, as well.  

Dziękuję i miłość ty, Ta.  

Twój syn,


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  1. There is few singers that sing that same song, but this is how I remember my ex in-laws singing it. They will have 65th anniversary and I would like to purchase this song.
    Any idea where I could fin it? I spent some time on line and honestly there are only different versions, different people singing and different voices.
    My ex-in-laws, specially my father in-law, has same voice. He and his wife were often singing it, and like always they made me happy and teary. . I would love to buy this song, and since they still love me, sent it to them. Can you help?

    1. Dear Henryka,

      Thank you for writing. This song was an important part of my upbringing as well. I found this clip on YouTube.com. It was performed by Jay Droz. He has a website, http://www.jaydroz.com/ On his homepage, you can download his version of this piece. Once it’s on your computer, you can download the tune onto a flashdrive or CD for playing later. He also has many other Polish pieces you might enjoy.

      Dziekuje, Henryka. Dzien dobry.


  2. My grandparents came to the U.S. from Poland 100 years ago. Even though I attended Polish schools and church, I was not interested in my Polish heritage until I saw the Mazowsze Polish Song and Dance Company… I then became obsessed with all things Polish, and eventually became a Polish citizen !!
    One of the fun things I like to explore is Polish music. I have a particular fondness for the Górale.
    This music continues to live in it’s purest form in the south of Poland, as well as in rock, reggae, and techno versions ! Please read more in my blog:



  3. w końcu porządny wpis, oby tak dalej, pozdrawiam

  4. Read about Poland’s 5 National Dances: (with videos)

    Most countrties don’t even have a national dance, but music is such an important part of Poland’s culture that we have 5 National dances **

    also, more about the Oberek:

  5. I’d love the words to Jak Szybko Mijaja Chwile.

    For a special occasion. I want to teach them to sing

    this song.


    1. Please….anyone know the words in English? Please post.
      Thank you


        Jak szybko plynie czas.
        Za rok za dzien za chwile,
        razem nie bedzie nas.

        I nasze mlode lata, Poplyna szybko w dal,
        A w sercu pozostanie, Tesknota, smutek zal.

        Minely blogie chwile, Daremnych marzen sny,
        Niechaj przynajmniej teraz, Nie plyna z oczu lzy.

        Choc po nas pamiec zginie, Juz za niedlugi czas,
        Niech piosnka w dal poplynie Poki jestesmy wraz.

        A jesli losow kolo, Zlaczy zerwana nic .
        Bedziemy znow pospolu Spiewac , marzyc i snic .


        How quickly time flows.
        For the year, for the day, for the moment,
        time will not be us.

        And our young years, will flow quickly into the distance,
        And in the heart remains, longing, sadness, grief.

        It had been blissful moments of futile dreams dreams
        Let at least for now, do not flow from the eyes tears.

        Although the memory of us will die, too short a time
        Let the song flow into the distance while we’re together.

        And if a random circle, connectors broken anything.
        We will sing together again, to dream and to dream.

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