I Love the United States of America

Our Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July

It sounds so corny when I say it out loud, quite honestly.  “I love the United States of America.”  The reflection in the mirror I half-expect to see as I walk past as I speak these words is my rotund countenance draped in stars and stripes.  That’s how silly it sounds to me to say it… at first.

Then, as I mull the phrase over in my head, I contemplate a few things that soften my attitude about this compilation of words.

First, I think about my Dad.  (I always capitalize the word, “Dad,” when I refer to my father, whether it’s grammatically correct or not).  My father fought in World War II.  He was a decorated Pharmacist Mate.  He served in both the Mediterranean and Asian theaters.   He was a hero.  Although he rarely spoke about his time in the Navy, I was always in awe that he fought the enemy and through his efforts, helped win the war.  He fought for the freedoms that I have today.  He, along with all the men and women who so valiantly served our country over the last two hundred-plus years, made a difference to us.  I never forget that.  I suppose that’s why, when I hear the National Anthem, I still get choked up.  It happens every single time.

Second, I wonder where else on Earth I could walk down the street with the fearlessness I do.  As a gay man, a Latino man, an older man, a man of lower-moderate socio-economic status, I am greeted warmly, loved openly, and respected for who I am, with all the diversity I embody.  There are laws that protect me.  I am, relatively speaking, safe.

Third, I can write to the President of the United States of America and say exactly what is on my mind.  Because I have no desire to threaten anyone, I’m secure in the knowledge that my words count just as much as anyone else’s.  It’s a sweet knowledge I carry inside my heart about my place here in the good ole U.S. of A.

I get angry, sometimes, at our legislators and our judges.  I am often frustrated by our media services.  The cost of things is abominable and the challenges to acquire health care for many is untenable.  “Skinny people are too thin.  Fat people are too fat.”  Everyone has an opinion about everything.

We are, thankfully, able to express our opinions as freely as we belch.  Unfortunately, some of our opinions are worth about the same thing.  At least, we are able to send our thoughts out as easily as we throw a frisbee at a Fourth of July picnic. 

We have had presidents, from Washington to Obama, that are nearly as diverse in thought and history as those of us in our neighborhoods.  There were builders, deceivers, heroes and scoundrals, activitists and do-nothings.  They were Americans. 

Today, on this Fourth of July, 2009, I am not a hyphenate-American.  I am simply, joyfully, and proudly an American.

So, as corny as it may sound, I will reiterate my feeling that I love the United States of America.   God (or whomever you choose to believe in, if anyone) bless America!

The birth of the United States of America flag

The birth of the flag of the United States of America


2 responses

  1. ‘God Bless America?’

    Since 1973,… ‘ WE ‘, the United States of America, by decree of the Supreme Court and sanctioned by every level of government in the land, have slaughtered millions and millions of babies in the womb!

    ABORTION;… LEGALIZED terrorism.

    In the entire history of the world there has never been a greater sin or insanity!

    Your hypocrisy rises to heaven.
    Innocent blood cries out against you!


    “I AM the Lord your God… I AM that I AM!… I do not change!”
    I have ALWAYS avenged innocent blood,” says the Lord!

    “For as the snow falls to the ground and melts, so will be the nations of the world.
    They shall fall according to their unrighteousness which they have sown against Me.
    The tares of unrighteousness will be pulled up and the nations shall fall.
    There is none that will not be destroyed except My elect whom I will lead through the fire of trial and devastation. They shall dwell in safety, but the nations of the world shall know My wrath!

    The unrighteous and the dogs will feel My hand against them.
    They shall flee with no where to go. They shall run, but not be able to hide.
    I will search them out and they will face Me.

    It is a terrible thing to face the Living God in His anger!
    The heart melts, and the eyes disintegrate in their sockets.
    The tongue is pressed hard against the roof of the mouth.

    It is a terrible thing to die in fear.
    The heart surrenders it’s beat, and the breath is caught in the throat.

    With a look I will slay My enemies, and with a look I will heal those who love Me.
    With a look I will be known by all, for ALL will look upon ME,…..
    one unto death, one unto life,” says the Lord!

    “I am the God of the living. The dead have no place in Me.
    The hour of trial is about to come upon the earth.

    Awake O foolish man! Awake you who sleep!
    For the hour cometh in which no man can work.
    Then it will be too late.
    Awake O foolish ones! Awake and know the hour of the Lord!

    I am coming and My reward is with Me.
    There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth,” says the Lord!

    “I am the Lord your God,… I DO NOT CHANGE! ”


    1. The point is that if we were somewhere else, disagreeing with the government’s position on anything whatsoever could get you killed. Because you are in the U.S., you can say what you did without fearing reprisal. Some understand the importance of that and some don’t.

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